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Hi, Not directly a html + css question, but I hope someone can pass on some helpful information.

I have a fully build html website including blog page design and want to make the blog section functional for the client to run.

After looking at Wordpress I don’t want to go down that route if at all possible. Are there options available for running a blog inside a html site? while still keeping the orignal design, at least the footer and header. Thanks

You could take a look at hotscripts; I assume the site is still running as I have not visited it for years.

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Thank You,

It’s a simple blog design, but I could work.

Have you come across Jekyll, it could be a solution, but it’s another piece of software to learn.


I’ve seen Perch recommended here (by members whose judgement I trust).

I’ve never used it myself, although I did take a look at it a few years back.

I may be wrong as I’ve never used it myself, but I think Perch is a CMS rather than a blog engine.

That’s true. I was thinking more of the requirement to add it to an existing page.

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