Bitbucket pipeline keeps running indefinitely

I want to set up a remote git pull using a bitbucket pipeline. Thinks I have tackled in the first place.

Now I am running into the problem, that when I command is finished. It is just throwing an error (but the command did work)

image: atlassian/default-image:latest

    - step:
        deployment: staging
          - ssh xx@xxx -tt -p 7685 "ifconfig"

What did I do wrong :)? The pipeline is a connection to the remote host, so well that is working.

The command on the remote server did not work though, it says ifconfig not found.

Try with a command you know to work, like ls.

Also, I would recommend creating an SSH key without password to log in to the remote server, and then store that as a pipeline secret. Instead of using username/password to log in.


Hey @rpkamp this seem to fix it.

Did I use a password? I have a ssh key that I use to login on the remote server

Ah right, I misread.

Never mind :slight_smile:

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