Binding two onblur events

How can I bind two on blur events?

I have a link that has a UL drop down. When I click off of both the link and the UL I want the drop down to disappear. Right now it only disappears after I click off of the link.

allLinks[i].onblur = function()
	var divId 			=;
	var list 			= document.getElementById('identifier_' 	+ divId);
	var uncompleted 	= document.getElementById('uncompleted_' 	+ divId);
	var on_hold 		= document.getElementById('on_hold_' 		+ divId);
	var cancelled 		= document.getElementById('cancelled_' 		+ divId);
	var completed 		= document.getElementById('completed_' 		+ divId);
	removeClass(list, 'block');

Do you have an example url for this?

Unfortunately it’s an internal page.

Here is a JS Fiddle of my issue. I can’t make the menu disappear when onbluring both the menu and the button.

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