"Bin" Photography Challenge

Ok now, let me introduce you to a whole new experience of photography.
Like the famous Leica quote, ‘my point of view’, I tried a slight different angle and came up with the brilliant idea of looking through a rubbish bin.
The result was a panoramic view, as the bin created a fixed viewfinder, for the next photos on my exuberant photo expedition.

The lifestyle of looking through the bins, brings photography to a whole new level.
You create a buffer between what you’re looking at far away, and the viewfinder right before you.
It brings peace and calmness inside your picture. Awareness of this space zens me out!

Some Example Pictures

The Challenge

The real challenge is that you only have a passive view through the bins. Your creativity is a little restricted.
I urge everyone around the world to pick up some camera, and go on the street in quest for the holy bin!
Post your results right here!

it’s been done…


you sure this was your own original idea? :wink:

Originality is over-rated. Sounds like a fine idea.


Oh, thanks for sharing.
I didn’t know that it was already done before. But they did it a slight different way apparently.

Anyway… I don’t have a patent on this idea. I just came up with it after taking a bin-shot when I saw one smiling at me :slight_smile:

Besides, where is your photo contribution?