Bigger Image than container positioning


Im just wondering how i could set the image on this webpage here to be aligned with the navigation.

My wrapper is 980px and the image is 1065px (The image is going 85px off the right of my wrapper but i would like it to start 85px off the left of my wrapper)

The black vertical line on the left i would like to align with the very beginning of the nav but still allowing for the horizontal marked area to sit out of the wrapper without messing up the centering of the css structure.

I basically want the image to reverse what its doing now…

EDIT: I fixed it for FF… I just added -85px margin-left to the div holding the graphic.
Its also IE6 Friendly with Position: relative…

Glad you fixed it :slight_smile:

Yes you can use negative margins to drag elements outside the parent but IE will nearly always require position:relative to show the negative portion (as you found out :)).