Big SEO decision. Advice required

Hello guys and thanks for reading.
I need some expert seo advice for the following situation:

We deal with second hand car parts and our current website is a simple, car listing, website. We plan to update to Wordpress.
We also want to create an online shop for auto parts using Shopify.

We have 2 choices:
Go separate ways with both websites, one as a online shop, and the other as a blog, creating links to the store.
Merge the websites, this will require rebranding of the first website, changing the domain, contact information on Google my Business, implement redirects, etc…

I need to point out that the current website has relatively low traffic but it’s great for local search, so i don’t want this to be effected.

So what do you think?
I really appreciate your advice, Thanks!

Welcome to the forums, @Adrian_Zlotea.

My advice would be to keep both together under the same domain. Not only will this avoid confusion for your customers, but having only one domain should make it easier for you to promote.

If you need to change the existing domain name for this (and I’m not clear why you would), you can set up 301 redirects from the old to the new, so that you don’t lose customers following outdated links or bookmarks. It will also tell search engines to update their information.

There is a “change of address” tool in Google which will also help ensure the ove goes smoothly.

I am thankful for the time you took to help with my decision.
Thank you!

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