Big help with project needed

Hi guys
I have been working on this site for sometime. I don’t want this URL to index so I am trying to escape it doubt it will work.
If you click home you will get to the teaser html page so don’t do that!
Anyway, My mate was helping but he is getting really busy. He has helped with the backend Wordpress stuff, I have done the design etc. I am ok to update the css, but I am still getting my head around the templates and generated PHP in wordpress. I have been doing tutorials on theme development but I am having trouble finding good ones. Still, the automatic one is great and I should do some PHP tutorials also, may help. I get arrays, I have some understanding of the syntax etc.
First question.

Very simple.
I want to remove this
Posted May 26, 2012 by Thomas
code from that page. How? I know it is in a template, which one, which function do I remove?
Cheers. Will that URL index btw, is there a way to escape it?

[ot]I’ve delinked the link for you. When you go to the advanced editor, there is a checkbox to enable/disable automatic parsing of links in the text. Disable it.
In a case like this (discussing a site that is being developped), if you don’t want to use the url at all in your post, you can use a link shortener (although not one that uses affiliate links or anything like that – just stick to the main ones like and so on)[/ot]

Thanks mate.

Ok so I have completed that - I have some new issues.
The site is built with bones, html 5 , responsive etc. I have had heaps of help on the wp stuff, but my friend is really busy and I don;t want to bug him.

This is more a css question, but if you resize the window, I lose my nav bar. I know I need to add a media query into css, but I am not that confident with WP. I am sure the nav sits in the header.php file somewhere.

I have some other issues but that will do for now.

I might repost this is css section it’s prob not just wordpress.

Having problems with bbpress and getting an avatar to display in the forum control panel. I’ll go to thier forums though bit more specific.