Beware - This is really scary and will no doubt escalate!

According to the BBC Website Google’s AlphaGo has won the first two of five matches against the South Korean World Go Champion.

Google Blogspot on Alpha-Go-Machine-Learning-Game

If it is only an Alpha can you imagine the capabilities of the Beta program and… I dread to think.

No doubt computer backend programmers will soon be redundant and even designers will not be as fast at producing good websites. Maybe far better to have computer generated sites in a fraction of the time and collate numerous user’s choices.

Is IT getting better or worse?

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Did you see those sites from I haven’t seen code that bad since seeing “Save as html” from ms Word!

Much of Google’s code is pretty rubbish!

Not yet, will look later.

I think Google has adopted the Sony way of testing the market with their prototypes. Only if successful pursue the project otherwise drop it and move on.

That code wasn’t bad - just mislabelled - it should have been called “Save for import to older versions of Word” but that name was too long so they went with a misleading one instead.

So you can’t use that as an example of bad code for comparison - which makes the code you are referring too much worse than you think.

You mentioned before that was the purpose of that feature. But I have seen it used to make a web page, which of course was bad.

Of course that’s bad - using something for the wrong purpose - they are lucky it even partly worked.


Google’s AlphaGo beat Go Master Lee Se-dol :frowning:

A computer program has beaten a master Go player 3-0 in a best-of-five competition, in what is seen as a landmark moment for artificial intelligence.

I was most upset at the best out of five final result, 3-0 in favour of AlphaGo :frowning:

No adroitness, no savoir-faire, no compassion, no composure, no culture, no diplomacy, no elegance, no finesse, no grace, no graciousness, no hanging back for bets, no manners, no social grace, no social know-how, no sophistication, no style, no suavity, no tact, no worldliness … just brutal and with No Mercy :frowning:

The future looks rather sad :frowning:

This made me laugh


Excellent, a genuine ROFL.

I love humour or should I say satire that simply highlights situations.

Delighted to say Lee Se-do won the fourth match.

Final match can be seen live in 21 minutes:

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