Better Navigation? #2

I got some valueable feedback for a side navigation from amongst other @John_Betong, @TechnoBear and @PaulOB a year ago.

I have now followed some of these advice and created a new navigation.

Further advice or comments?

I can’t get the link to load. frown

Same as last time. Do you test with a mobile?


Another option is to use pagination if it is content and the content can even be links. Here is what I’m talking about:

It’s my personal website (I’m not trying to promote it, but to show an example).

A good idea, but I cannot see how this could act as a navigation on each page.

No, I’m on desktop, as before.

It worked before, not now. Here’s a restored tab screenshot:

I’m on a mobile but it won’t open for me either.

Yes. The site goes down for some reason. Try again.
I have used the html tag <content> which is obsolete. Maybe this causes the site to crash. I will replace it as soon as possible.

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