Best way to search a flicker photostream?

looking for images at for example
but how do i best search for a specific subject w/in that stream? the search box will take me out of it
thank you

Searching for “internet archive book images train” gives me a URL of can you use this format for your searches?

Looking for red train brought up trains as well as red trains using train+red brought more relavant images and the URL that was generated was

I would do a few searches for the things you want and see what format the URL is.

hello Rubble i tried that type of string before. But went and tested you solution i c&p your search string, with the quotation mark. entered them in the serach box and got this

Sorry I just put the quotqtion marks around my search phrase to make it stand out from the text. I just searched for:
internet archive book images train

k never mind i got the answer!
in the main search box you have to type the photostream for example “internet archive book images” to select the stream you want to search. then you select the “advance search” options that should come up below the search box.
not too intuitive.
Thx Rabble