Best way to redirect to webpage for smartphones?

I have been looking at using JQuery Mobile to create a very simple webpage for smartphones.

This JQuery Mobile webpage is New page with links to other websites and a Contact page.
I don’t plan on converting the entire website.

I am wanting to present a prominent link on the main website’s home page to allow the user to get to this much simplified mobile website.
The current home page when viewed on an iPhone though is tiny.
How do I make the link stand out?

Most sites I’ve seen with links to mobile or desktop version still try to do some user agent detection. I’m no fan of that but many of the smartphones seem to say who they are reasonably well. tries to detect if the UA is a mobile and offers the m version, but at the top is a clear link to “desktop” if you still want that. The reason the link is readable is because the mobile site is flexible, so the smartphones who can zoom, don’t. Your link is likely tiny on iPhones etc because the website is too wide, so it’s zooming out.

You could try to see if you could make just the main New page responsive/flexible, so that phones don’t zoom out, and the link near the top/one of the first things the user sees if they’re on a phone.

Have you heard of the responsive web design fad going around? There are techniques everywhere and maybe you can do something like, if the screens are at least 800px wide (which should miss most tablets too) then have a set min-width so your page design looks as it does now. Let anything smaller get a flex-width page.

I am not big on user agent detection either.
I am leaning towards a landing page with a choice for the “full” website or the mobile website.

It could be really irritating but you could have your main URL show a splash page with two links: mobile and desktop. User chooses. However lots of people wouldn’t want to have to even hit that hurdle to see your site.