Best way to protect audio clips from being downloaded

I’m not sure where to post this, but what is the best way prevent downloading audio clips that can be played.

Well, to listen to audio in your browser, you have to download it. There are so many browser add-ons out there for downloading the file to your computer that I think it’s barely worth trying to prevent it. Basically, if you want to protect it, don’t put it online.

You can use rtmp streaming via a flash player, which doesn’t cache in any way. There are applications that can still rip the stream, but these can be defeated with some extra coding if you really want to expend the effort.

Even my simple screen recording software will capture the audio.

True, there’s no way you can avoid that. Most of the audio stock libraries online either overlay a periodical sound or use lower fidelity audio to get around this.

Your best option will be rtmp streaming, but as people above said, this won’t give a good protection - but nothing can.

As long as the sound can be played, it can be recorded from your soundcard as it passes by - there are plenty of sw out there to do this.

Thank you

I will look into rtmp streaming.

I realize it is impossible. We are trying to make it more difficult. IE: not be able to right click to download the track.


Before you consider disabling right click, consider that right clicking a link does more than allow the user to save as. It also allows the user to open the clip in a new tab or a new window. Whenever you try to change the default actions of your visitors’ browsers, you are going to irritate them, so always consider providing a satisfactory user experience first.

The right-click is disabled within the flash play button only. It plays 5 second sound clips. It’s hard to imagine a reason to access the context menu in this instance and it is acceptable loss if 1 in a million power users find this a little irritating.

Anyone who finds it irritating can simply disable the code you used to try to block their access. The browser owner has full control of what can and can’t be done in their browser.

Those you are specifically trying to block will definitely bypass your code. Only a few web newbies who use the context menu as their means of navigating the web will actually be impacted by your code.

Add an audio “watermark”, like Envato does - check