Best way to parameters to a web service call

I have the following scenario in the UI ( photo of the hand made diagram below):

Brief overview of what a user is supposed to do:

  1. User selects a project from the dropdown

  2. User selects an employee id from the dropdown.

  3. User selects one or more checkboxes.

  4. User hits the SUBMIT button.

When user hits submit btton, I can get the projectID , employeeID of the selected items. However, I am wondering, what is the best way to send the checkboxes related details. I need to send start date, end data and name of the company that user is planning to check mark.

For brievity purpose, I have shown 5 records in the table with checkboxes. There can be 60 records in the table with the checkboxes.

How should I send checkbox related stuff to the api call when a user hits submit button?

Unless I’m mistaken, the image suggests that the data alongside the checkboxes has been populated from data storage somewhere. My guess would be that the ‘Company List’, ‘Start Date’, and ‘End Date’ would be stored as part of a single record/row in a database table (assuming relational db), or a single document in a NoSQL db.

Either way, each ought to have a unique ID of some form stored within the row/document. That ID should be available to your UI, even if it isn’t displayed. When the user clicks the submit button, it’s that ID that gets stored, rather all the other data elements it’s linked to.

Does that help?

Thanks for your response. You are right. The unique ID is available to UI.The Company List is coming from the table located inside Oracle DB. However, the user has to specify Start Date and End Date so that the user could specify those dates. I should have drawn a date picker for the Start Date and End Date column to make it more clear.

In this scenario, I am wondering what is the best way to send the three things is a user selects, let’s say 100 check boxes:

  1. uniqueID associated with each record.
  2. Start Date selected by the user
  3. End Date selected by the user.

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