Best way to learn php

I am the new learner of PHP. I have created a simple app of information system(CRUD) using raw PHP.
Now what should i do, and how can i go more into PHP.

Thank You

Sounds like you could use a project.

Some ideas:
Think of something you have a passion for that you wish “could do something” that hasn’t been done. Plan it out and work on manageable sized pieces.
For example, maybe you have a hobby that you would like to have database records for? Your imagination is the only limit.
Read the documentation beyond the basics. When you see something new to you that catches your interest, try coding it up.
eg xml-rpc, sockets, precision math. internationalization etc.
Look through GitHub for open source projects and make pull requests to fix bugs, add features, or in other ways improve it.

Thank You, for your valuable comment.

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