Best way to include html inside foreach loop?

I am trying to build a slider using Wordpress Plugin Advanced Custom Fields.

With the plugin, I have made a repeater which contains an image and a caption field (among others).

The code below works, but it seems asinine to have to use so many echo commands (since there are so many html tags.

I’m a PHP novice. Is there a better way to do this?

<div class="slider">
$rows = get_field('gallery_repeater');
echo "I have a gallery repeater";
if( $rows ) {
    foreach( $rows as $row ) {
        $repeater_image = $row['gallery_repeater_image'];
            $repeater_image_url = $repeater_image['url'];
            $default_caption = $row['gallery_repeater_caption'];
        if ($default_caption) {
            $image_caption = $default_caption;
        else {
            $image_caption = $repeater_image['caption'];
        echo '<div class="slide"> <img src="';
        echo ($repeater_image_url);
        echo '">';
        echo '<p>';
        echo ($image_caption);
        echo '</p> </div>';


</div><!-- end slider -->

Yeah you can use a single echo and embed your variables in it.

echo "<div class=\"slide\"><img src=\"$repeater_image_url\"><p>$image_caption</p></div>";

I would recommend reading the PHP page on echo. It has a ton of very useful things that even most experienced PHP developers don’t know about echo and what it can do. Definitely worth the time to read through it.

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