Best way to host video

I’m currently showing a video on my home page with html5 but some people are getting error no supported video can be found.

I have uploaded both mp4 and webm. How do I make this so most people can view. Do I really need html5 and can I do it anyother way. My video is hosted by me and not on youtube or anything.


Check out video.js
It offers a Flash fallback for people whose browsers don’t support the HTML5 video tag.

Also available as a WP plugin:

great!!! I installed the plug in, do you knbow of a way where I can test it in older browsers?

Do you have IE installed?

Yep, but it’s the latest version I think

You can use IE developer tools to emulate previous versions of the browser.
Here’s how:

You’ll want to test against IE8 as IE9 and IE10 both support the video element.

nice, thanks for your help

@pullo regarding the plug in I used it and it is here but I was wondering how I get rid of the 2 black lines on the edge of the video. Is it from the video or the css of the skin? And am I able for the video to show a frame ( picture ) of a part of the video when it is stopped as it is currently showing just black when you enter the site?

The “problem” is the aspect ratio of your video.
You can use this link to calculate the ratio correctly and then resize your player accordingly.

Yes. Use the poster attribute.

BTW, if you wanted to mention me, you forgot the space and semi colon after my user name.
No worries though, I was subscribed to the thread anyway.

@James_Hibbard ; your right on all accounts, many thanks. I much prefer the skin that the plug in gives the video. Happy with it! Thanks again


No worries!
I had the problem of the black lines a while back and it took me a while to figure out.
Glad it’s sorted now :slight_smile:

@Pullo ; being new to video I though mine was pretty ok, but the client says it’s too big. In this situation how do we resize? I mean it’s width should be the full 960 so the I can’t really make the height smaller.
How would you do it in this situation?

Looks good to me, too.
Then again, the customer is always right …

Try specifying a height and width attribute in your video tag until you find dimensions that the customer finds acceptable:

<video width="320" height="240" controls>
  <source src="movie.mp4" type="video/mp4">
  <source src="movie.ogg" type="video/ogg">
  Your browser does not support the video tag.