Best way to align cell content in table

i want all the content in the cells in this table to valign top, but they are not doing so, at least in chrome, ff & ie. i know this method is deprecated, but what’s a quick work around?


Add a class to the table concerned or if you can’t do that then use the parent’s class but remember that it will affect all tables in that content.

.entry-content table td{vertical-align:top}

That will align the cell contents to the top but of course if you have padding/margin-top on the elements in the cell then it will be the margin/padding that is aligned to the top.

Can i do this inline?

Yes you can if you want to add style=“vertical-align:top” to every td in that section.

But why would you want to do that when the normal css option is so much easier?

This works. Many thanks.