Best UK Hosted E-Commerce provider?


I am a front end developer who is looking to set up his first e-commerce site for a client. Because I am only familiar with front end development I am looking to use a Hosted Solution.
My client has only four products and will only sell to customers in the UK.
I was originally considering Shopify but don’t really know if I like their set up.

One that I did like the look of was BigCommerce but I hear it’s not too good for UK based businesses as thier servers are in the US (SEO problems) and also some kind of problem with the VAT on their system.

Can anyone advise what would be a good solution for a small UK business?

I also need the site to accept all of the usual credit cards, would this be a problem with US based solutions?

Thanks in advance


For the sake of fair play …

Infusionsoft and 1Shoppingcart also
have the same type of process where
you control the website 100%

Hi Lee

Using a system like ours removes all the
SEO issues as you control the website
content 100% so you can do what you

We excel in small businesses because of
our up sell / cross sell technology and
we are also the only company that gives
true form, feel and functionality so your
customer can run 1, 2, 10, 25, etc websites
yet manage them all under one log in.

Hard to grasp …but think about an Excel
spreadsheet and how they give you full,
yet separate, functionality for each worksheet
in a workbook …then you just click a tab to
manage each worksheet.

Need 5 membership sites? Create 5 tabs.

Need 8 Live Chat? 8 Tabs

12 Ticket Support systems, each with
their own unique database? 12 tabs.

If your customer sells physical items
we also have a fully dedicated 3rd
party fulfillment module built in as well.

At the risk of too much self promotion
I’ll stop here but feel free to give me a
call (# on website) …or leave send in a
ticket and a product specialist will call

Have you seen MartJack? They have presence in UK and are fully hosted. An important differentiator is that it’s written from grounds up as an e-commerce platform and not as a universal CMS and so it’s very easy to handle. No php skills are needed either :slight_smile:

We’re partnering up with them to get our rich media solutions integrated with MartJack’s core platform and have been given training on its inner workings and such, so let me know if you need help.

take a look at - if you dont find it the easiest way to sell online…i’ll eat my hat