Best stats software

What is your favourite stats software to keep track of your site’s traffic?

Webalizer, [URL=“”]AWStats, [URL=“”]Modlogan

Everyone considers Google Analytics the Gold Standard.

If you’re a bigger company, then RJ Metrics and Omniture are great options as well.

I will definitely second Google Analytics. AFAIK Development behind the others is slow or non existent. Figures you see in Webalizer or AWStats will be inflated, if what you really want to know is real, human traffic. This is why websites buyers will always want to see Google Analytics stats - if the main value of the site is its traffic.

Javascript based solutions are “ok” but they aren’t completely accurate, if you don’t mind these little problems then they are ok to use.

However, if you find a lot of content that is hot linked for example, analytics just won’t tally with log file reporting at all.

Personally, I’m a fan of log files over JS based logging. It might not be able to do quite as much testing of the client browser, but it is accurate.

I prefer AWStats to Webalizer, and I’ve never used Modlogan. I also download the raw access files.

I don’t use Google Analytics.

I feel it’s more important to track visitor trends over time rather than absolute pinpoint accuracy. The percentage of non-logged visitor activity is relatively consistant (the couple percent of curmudgeons that browse without javascript) where as log based tracking often picks up all manner of waves of bot swarms, spidering and other spurious automated activity that never triggers analytics. When you tie in google analytics with useful stuff like stat sharing, providence of stats for site sales, funnels and adwords integration, export api etc then it’s a no brainer to use this over log stats for me.

Also another important feature - a/b testing. Critical for large marketing campaigns, and handy in conjunction with google website optimizer for general usability/conversion testing.

I used to use Google analytics exclusively until a friend told me about a service called Getclicky… lets just say I rarely use Google analytics anymore. Thats how good it is.

I’m using Google Analytics for my sites but I have another tool which helps me a lot and I wont give up soon to using it. My helping hand is the Traffic Counter of which gives me info on the visitors I get, which country they come from, where they are being referred from or what pages they visit.

I use Analytics, though I have awstats on my cpanel hosting. My ad clients ask for analytics, same when I wanted to sell a web site. It’s the standard it looks :wink:

I’m using AwStats and sometime i compare results with Google Analytics, even they differ. I don’t know Modlogan, while Webalizer it seems to me a nice version of AwStats.