Best Responsive Hover Menu - Flexnav, Superfish or?

Hi – I need a mobile responsive nav menu with hover dropdown (rather than superclick) because I want the fewest number of clicks. I suffer RSI (repetitive stress injury) on my index finger from repeatedly clicking a mouse. And my friend who has severe Parkinson’s told me she’s ok with a hover menu.

Should I use [Flexnav here][1] OR [superfish basic here][2]? Or is there another easy hover? I just need 2 levels with hamburger.

If I use flexnav, he writes in his readme file:

-----begin readme-----



      'animationSpeed':     250,            // default for drop down animation speed
      'transitionOpacity':  true,           // default for opacity animation
      'buttonSelector':     '.menu-button', // default menu button class name
      'hoverIntent':        false,          // Change to true for use with hoverIntent plugin
      'hoverIntentTimeout': 150,            // hoverIntent default timeout
      'calcItemWidths':     false,          // dynamically calcs top level nav item widths
      'hover':              true            // would you like hover support?        

-----end readme-----

Are the options written like this? --

    $(".flexnav").flexNav({ 'calcItemWidths':false, 'hover': true

I tried starting with flexnav on [my dev site here][3]. 

I feel overwhelmed. Would be grateful for feedback on the best easiest hover menu that's mobile responsive!

thank you! - Val


and preferably one that doesn’t call in any outside script from another site!

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