Best printed format for linked in? Help pls?

Hi We have a linked in company page, we’re having a company brochure made, what’s the best format for a link to Write our our linked in company page link/url in printed format pls? Thanks?

From my opinion, the best printed format for a page /content it is PDF.

Thanks for reply MarPlo, sorry we have our wires crossed I should have been clearer, I need to put a link in the brochure to my linkedin company page and was unsure what the best url? any ideas? thanks

you should be able to find the link you need to use in your LinkedIn Profile. It’s probably something like:

I usually print urls without the http or www these days although based on the audience it may be still be necessary to say www so people know it’s a website [scary i know].

oh me too! I just posted it that way so he could find it at LinkedIn