Best practices for 4 level navigation

Hi there,

What are the best practices for a four level navigation?

I’ve been looking into a few options but was just wondering what everyone’s thoughts are.

Here’s what I’ve been looking at

  1. Mega menu
  2. LHS navigation for all levels with expand collapse
  3. LHS navigation for level 1 & 2 then tabs for level 3 & 4
  4. Tabs for level 1 & 2 then LHS navigation for level 3 & 4

Its a revamp of an admin console for setting up one of our products and is currently using a 3 level navigation but after dealing with the support issues I’d like to split level 3 into sections.

Here’s an example of the current navigation

sub tabs

Actually just had a thought, maybe i could have a drop down on the existing toolbar items to show the level 2 nav, then from there have the tabs (level 3) then introduce level 4 as the sub tabs… interesting… will go investigate