Best Post I've Seen In A Long Time

I am more than impressed with this post by [URL=“”]ITSE1306, which is outstanding in it’s detail and presentation. What makes it even more impressive is it’s his/her first post! I love to see people give back some of what they have learned, and I’m giving ITSE1306 a free book of his/her choice to say thanks.

Nice work.

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Congratulations, ITSE1306. What makes these forums so great is that so many people come here to help and share knowledge. Keep it up!

It’s so great to see people contribute to the SP community in such a wonderful way, fantastic. Congratulations and keep it up!

Yes ITSE1306, I hope that you enjoy Sitepoint and pleased for your great start!

Great to see newcomers adding to the greatness of the community, great post and congratulations!

Yes a great first post and very well presented - well done :slight_smile:

Congratulations, ITSE1306. Hope you enjoy being part of the forums here - you clearly have a lot to contribute. :slight_smile:

Oh my!! Thanks. I did not expect it to be a good post. I just answered a question. I’ve learned from the Sitepoint books and reading forums myself over the years and just wanted to help out.