Best plugin for eCommerce?

I’m looking for a plugin which includes user registration, cart, checkout, as well as some type of “my account” section in which users can open support tickets, view past orders, view the status of their current order, etc.

Is this asking too much for a single plugin, or does it exist?


The most used ones and which can give you all this options is the WooCommerce plugin… there is also the old WP e-Commerce but you will need to tweak it… at all for one there is a lot of ecommerce wordpress plugins but you will have to Tweak them in order to suit your needs…


if you are using wordpress, simply go to add new plugin and search “ecommerce” and a wide range pops out. Normally i go with the 4 and 5 stars using this search mode.

Yeah the old WP e-Commerce plugin ( might handle what you need. It seems fairly kept up to date. Otherwise maybe try something like Marketpress E-Commerce.

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