Best place to promote my adult affiliate program?


Hi guys

I'm new to the world of marketing and don't have any experience.

I've just started an adult pay site which is amateur homemade content - pics, vids, live cams, online store etc and it's all my own content.

The site has an affiliate section and I can set up packages so I have a 50% profit share on everything from signups, renewals, online store, private cam shows etc.

What's the best way for me to get people to join the affiliate program? There are sites out there where I can submit it but a lot of the sites are either old and no longer appear active, don't work (won't register the reciprocal links) or use that old captcha v1 thing that won't allow me to signup.

Any help/advise would be greatly appreciated.



Adult site owners are always looking for fresh content to promote, especially original content. Back in the day you'd see new programs appear nearly every day, not sure what it's like now.

For a start I'd suggest finding an active adult webmaster forum where you can announce your new program. Very important - don't spam, if you actively participate in the forums you'll get noticed as being helpful, if not they will ignore you! Helpful people get helped themselves.

With any luck you'll get a few site owners sign up and start promoting your site on TGP's, MGP's, Tubes etc.

If you haven't done so you'll need as many hosted "free" galleries as you can create, TGP/MGP/Tube owners will need content from them and somewhere to send their visitors, not just your signup/tour pages.


Thanks that’s good advise. In my affiliate section I have 2 options, free hosted galleries and zip content.

I’ve kind of stayed away from free hosted galleries as I thought they were just open and free to any site visitor, maybe I’ve misunderstood this I’ll have to investigate further.

The other advise of helping out on forums such as this I guess will come with time, I’m literally 4 days in although I’ve started from Twitter and then Only Fans but definitely no marketing experience, it’s all a little daunting!

Thanks again


Free hosted galleries can make or break an affiliate program. Unless you have a very enticing tour you won't get many public signups.

FHG's are just samples of what you might expect if you join, yes they're open access but you don't put all your best content in them, 12/16 photos or an abbreviated video clip (mp4 format) in each gallery is the norm. Also FHG's are the lifeblood of TGP's/MGP's, without them other webmasters can't really promote your site!

BTW just for reference I used to build a lot of adult sites back in the day :slight_smile:


I would advertise in adult forums that allow the content. Forum marketing has been successful for me in the past, however, I was not in the adult business.


I personally locate that juicy promotions work incredible and there customer service is awesome. It’s a PPC program for banners; also marketing products with a link like a flashlight gets some great deals. Also, dating sites that offer some of $ only to get free signups.


If you don’t know how to promote an adult website successfully, you will soon find yourself without any traffic or income – and the approaches that work for adult content are very different to mainstream services, which you have to understand in order to succeed.

There is no getting around the fact that getting targeted adult traffic can be a challenge for adult dating affiliates, because of blocks and restrictions on search engines and popular social media networks like Facebook, which are all designed to keep adult content and hook-up sites out!

However, it is not impossible to advertise adult offers such as adult date links and promotions using mainstream websites and portals, but you should use a range of different approaches to get the best results.

Here are some tips for bringing the best adult traffic streams to your website and affiliate links.

• Create adult sites that look good to your visitors and that perform well for SEO, and spend some time researching the competition to find the best approach.

• Be prepared to take the time to work out how you can use restrictive sites like Facebook to promote your adult links, bypassing adult content restrictions with cloaked links and redirects.

• Spend some time actively using sites like Facebook and Twitter as an individual user with dummy profiles and personas, to get involved in chat groups, pages and trends that you can use to engage the community and promote your services discreetly, and channel people to your links or websites.

• Identify potential target audiences where they hang out and socialize, such as adult posting sites, and personalize your approach to provide what will appeal to them and provide the incentive they need to follow your links.

• Make the most of promotions and incentives to boost your sites, and refresh and update your content and adverts regularly to keep people interested.

• Use strong imagery and clickbait titles that will encourage users to follow through.

• Ensure that your website and advertisements are mobile friendly, to cash in on the rich revenue streams available for affiliates who target mobile browsers.

• Look for websites, forums, and platforms that people from your target demographic use for other purposes, and that are not in competition with you but that will accept advertisements for your promotions.

• Invest in paid advertisements and promotions to enable you to widen your reach and target your potential buyers in new ways, in order to maximize your revenue.

• Don’t ignore the value of mobile marketing and adverts, as well as desktop options.

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