Best PHP Software


I am trying to determine which PHP software would be the best to assist me in developing a website.

My background: brand new to PHP. I have years of experience as a MS SQL DBA and coder. I have created applications in VBA. More recently, I learned HTML and CSS and have created a couple websites. I presently have a need to build a site using the features PHP offers: integrate user login with a WP site, add pages which allow users to add/modify/view data from tables in a database, etc.

I recently read the SitePoint book “Building Your Own Database Driven Web Site using PHP & MySQL”. I am confident I can follow the examples in the book and produce a working site.

For me the issue is I am far from an experienced, solid PHP programmer. There seems to be many opportunities to create a security issue or otherwise step away from current best practices. There is also the matter of not using the most up-to-date techniques.

I desire a PHP software tool that provides solid, proven code snippets for commonly used functions such as establishing user logins, providing category-based permissions, adding/reading/updating records, etc. The idea is any such software should have the advantage of code which is more professionally designed then anything I would write, more thoroughly tested, and also would be kept updated. Such software would allow me to spend less time developing as well.

Is there any recommendations the community can offer? The few packages I have viewed so far don’t seem to be professionally designed. There has to be something better out there.

Symfony 2 is scheduled for production release late this year. So depending on your deadline that might be a better choice considering it kicks the previous version and most other frameworks for that matter out of the park. Besides, Twig, Doctrine, PHPUnit oh so sexy,lol.

Using any software to prevent coding vulnerabilities is a very bad idea. You’re better off learning the foundation of the vulnerabilities common to PHP applications and watching your own code to prevent problems.

In the end, security and best practices in PHP involve more than just PHP code to do right. From the HTML to the server config there are numerous places to watch out for.