Best PHP Frameworks - surveys from SitePoint

Hello everybody,
I am writting a master thesis about PHP Frameworks and I want to show popularity in recent years. On SitePoint I found surveys for 2014 and 2015. Does anyone know of similar surveys for 2016 or/and 2017 which were conducted by SitePoint (preferred) or other portals?

I don’t know of any survey, but, being quite active in the PHP community, I can give you my subjective account on the full featured frameworks which however should be quite accurate.

First echelon: Symfony Laravel
Second echelon: codeigniteter, cakephp, yii
Niche frameworks: Zend, phalcon

@swader is the most likely to be able to answer that, I think.

No similar surveys have been conducted. It’s about time we make a new one. I’ll get to it.


Thanks for you answer

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