Best Password Manager?

Hi there!

My question is: where to find best password tool that can generate random passwords that nobody can break?


Hey guys,
Has anyone used Strip? It’s an iphone app but can be synced onto your computer. if you want to check it out, here’s the site:

I use AnyPass -

1Password beta is available - see
Their beta releases are usually quite stable and the product’s been running on Macs for quite a while.

I have PC, so I guess 1Password won’t work for me

I will see this LastPass

I would vote for LastPass, it integrates with several browsers and replaces the built in password manager. It also keeps your passwords and other secure information in the cloud for syncing between multiple computers and devices.

Of course, you can always take Steve Gibson’s and Leo Laporte’s word over mine:

Vote #4 for Keepass. It’s awfully hard to go wrong with that, and there’s a portable version (handy for Flash drives).

KeePass is the best (I’ve tried the above so I’m saying this as a current user).

Why? Decent encryption, open source app, no cost, lots of features, portable (and secure).

Oh, and if you don’t mind paying just under a dollar, there’s an iPhone app so you can export your passwords (safely) into a secure box on your iPhone. :slight_smile:

I also use Keepass. It is really doing the job

Another vote for 1Password

A nice one is 1Password, which is available for Mac, and [URL=“”]available in beta for PC.

I use KeePass. Apart from generating/organising/storing passwords you can attach just about any files and have them encrypted alongside password store.

Download these

Password Manager 3.something or Mil Shield 7.something. Both have good tools for password management and password generating.

KeePass rocks, I’ve been using it for so long I have the icons within the program customized. I always worry if I forget the password cause there is no way to get your passwords from that program.

Strip generates random passwords just by shaking your phone. pretty cool

I have used both keypass and last pass and both are good. But i think lastpass in much better to use.

I’d suggest Handy Password, it’s a reliable password manager and a form filler for Windows.