Best method to award people who Like you on FB?

I’d like to offer a special discount code (to be used on our website) for those people who like our Facebook page. So, someone Likes our FB page and then a discount code appears.

How exactly can I do this?

Is this done via an app? If so, where would I find an app to do this?

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You will need to use an app. Nothing fancy is required, just an included page that checks for the LIKE and then shows resulting HTML with the coupon code. You could extend that a bit to build in a sharing function, store locator, etc.

Here’s a few app providers

Of course there’s implications of what this type of activity does towards the actual engagement / response to the page but that’s another story…-

Hey Ron,

I think it’s a good idea to award people who like your FB fan page. But what would you do if you have many people who like you fan page, did you make a poll or quiz to pick one of them? Cause I will harm your business if there are many of them and you give discount to all of them.

How can it harm my business? The more people who use the discount, the more people that purchase from my business. They get a percentage off the regular price and we get a sale. What could possibly be wrong with that? It’s a win-win for everyone.

Have you considered those people who would just avail of your items just because of that one-time discount? Yes, there might be some of them that would become highly satisfied with the products and services that you deliver, but you can never count out those people who would just try things out. Another thing: I think the reason why the word “harm” was mentioned was because there’s a chance that only a small percentage of those customers will become returning customers in the future.


Have you ever purchased from a store because of an advertised sale and/or a coupon in the paper (or online)? Will you go back to purchase again? Maybe, maybe not. Either way, you got something at discount and the store got its sale. If the store offers a great product (or service) and/or experience then chances are you’ll go back.

I think that if you’re offering something of value to the person who “Likes” your page then it’s a fair trade. I’m not twisting their arm. It’s still their choice to Like or not Like. But the truth is, they must have some interest to begin with in my product or service to even care about revealing and getting the discount code. Someone who comes to our FB page and has no interest in our product or service, won’t Like us.

And, if we don’t offer a good product or service, then it probably will be a one-time sale. But then it’s up to us to offer a good product to keep customers coming back. It’s simply good business.

I shop at BestBuy fairly often, but I haven’t Liked them on FB. Now, if I see them offering a decent discount if I Like them, do you think I’ll click that Like button? Hell yes! And I’ll use that discount! I’m happy and they’re happy.

As I said, I’m not twisting anyone’s arm to Like us to get that discount. It’s a free choice.

You know, if I clicked a “like” button just to get a discount, I’d get it and then go back and click “unlike”. I already have too much pure junk in my news feed and I don’t need continual ads from businesses to top it off. On the other hand, I wouldn’t give up my “like” for Smashing magazine for anything. Although they sometimes advertise their new book releases, they also provide me with a lot of good news and that’s the real reason I liked them. If you are running a business, use your FB page to provide your followers with real news about your business and industry. That’s how you create genuine interest in your page.

Even if you don’t click “unlike” Facebook is awfully smart about what to show in your feed… too smart sometimes. A couple weeks ago it was announced that brands are only seen by about 16% of their followers so just because you have a like does not mean you even have a view let alone an interaction and since EdgeRank factors in global participation, the less relevant you are to some people, the less everyone will see you.

It’s not that discounts should go out the window but you have to be thinking about more than just getting that first click. For social to work it has to be social.

That was my point. If you want to succeed in SM, you need to interact with your followers, not throw stuff at them.

I haven’t read the entire thread (and totally rip into me if this is totally stupid), but I saw something like this. (and it gives me a chance to tell people about my favorite performers in the world!)

Check out the Piano Guys. They started to use a php (I think) script in their video ‘Peponi’. It required users to share the video on their wall and like it. Their next video should have something similar.


There is a good and a bad side to any type of discount or incentive program. Overall I think that any business is better than none. Even if those customers don’t become repeat customers they will still bring in revenue when they use the coupon code and make a purchase. It may also be the case that even if they do not return they will still spread recognition about your product or promotion across the web on their own social media networks.

Anything that requires a share to participate is by it’s nature bad. While some people will jump through the hoop [so to speak] to see the content, you’re creating a big obstacle for the overall audience and while many would have likely shared it regardless, it’s a serious turn off when people discover things posted without their request for it to do so.

Meh. I would’ve shared it anyways. So I did!


Edit: But then again, I find more and more that I’m not like the large majority of people when it comes to online behaviors.

Do a contest and use qcode. Sometimes, I post it like this … The 200th LIKE will get a ticket for … a free entrance … or even a gadget :slight_smile:

1: More ideas means more to discuss, compare, weigh.

2: My opinion is just that. Not everyone should or will agree.

Share it all…

There’s a special site to reward people that share an offer on facebook and twitter:
It’s similar to groupon except on this one people only have to share the deal to get a coupon or discount link.

You can simply add from time to time a coupon to the wall. This also implies that people will have to first click like button in order to see your wall. And yes for this to happen you will have to use an app. Don’t this there is one … rather you’ll have some one to code you one ( but it’s nothing hard ).

The timeline (wall) is shown to both guests and “fans”. There is no way to stop people from viewing it by default although you can target a post and restrict responses (although you need a seriously unique reason to do that).

I think this is good idea to offer discount discount to person who like page our page but how we deal with person who unlike our page after getting discount for our services