Best low cost unlimited domains shared hosting provider?

Looking for the lowest cost hosting provider that offers cPanel, and unlimited domains, email, shared hosting of course as these will be low traffic non mission critical type websites. Suggestions?

“Best” is pretty subjective, and as this is an international community, you are likely to get suggestions from all round the globe. It would be helpful if you could narrow your requirements somewhat to prevent this topic turning into a Spamfest. For example, do you want Europe-based, US-based or somewhere else?

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Ah sorry, my mistake. I’m in the USA, but the host doesn’t necessarily have to be. Just looking for the most economical host that allows me to host multiple wordpress websites that won’t receive tons of traffic. Free SSL would be good to have too.

I have some small sites (not Wordpress) with HostPresto! in the UK, and they’re very economical, but don’t offer free SSL. I’ve always found them reliable, with good support. They do also offer WordPress hosting:

So far I found these. Any experience with any of them?

Looking for the lowest or cheap web hosting provider is a good option because most of the hosting providers are not concentrating on Downtime. the optimal downtime is 45 min per month. But it is very high in most of the web hosting providers.

Do not worry. I wrote the list to get low downtime, quick support web hosting providers for you. Read and choose one carefully.