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VERY New here. I’ve just started learning HTML5, CSS3, and just watching some tutorial videos by Quentin Watt as well about JavaScript. He recommended using the Error Console in Firefox, which I used to use, but now I’m VERY much a Chrome user. I saw that Chrome offered what looked like an Error Console (as I say, I’m real new), but rather than install Firefox purely for the sake of just using their Error Console, I was wondering what folks here had to say about the topic.

Put FireFox back on and install a plugin called FireBug. Using FireFox for just development is not a horrid idea.

I believe there is a FireBug-like plugin for Chrome, but it’s not nearly as good. The FireBug for FireFox is top-notch.



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Hi UnkleBuck, welcome to the forum.

TBH I never gave it much thought as to which browser had the “best” error console.

I guess it depends on which browser you’re most comfortable using, though there may indeed be some differences between what errors each “catch” and what errors are “missed”. I’ve not done any comparison testing but I have used Firefox, Chrome and IE error consoles.

They each seem to have very similar features though the UI designs vary a bit.

As for Chrome, there are more than one member here that use the dev tools in greater depth than I have (setting break-points etc) I usually just look at the error message and line number then look at the problem file and fix it.

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Thanks folks. Just that much info was quite helpful. Now if you can just advise a little more. Where is a button thingy to click that my issue is solved? I’m certainly going to take a few more posts on this, but wanna be sure I’m courteous as well.


In Discourse, there is no button to mark as “Resolved”. You can, however, edit the title of your original post (if within the time limit) and manually add “RESOLVED” to it.

However, the admins and mods try to discourage this as it may turn other people off from offering more advice.



I agree.

Often when someone thinks their issue is resolved the solution is only one of many possible solutions and may not be anywhere near the best one. By leaving the thread open to further responses it gives other people the opportunity to improve on the first solution. By marking the thread resolved it means they are happy with what might be the 99th best solution to their problem where not marking it resolved means that others might still post some of the 98 better solutions.

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or Firefox Developer Edition, this comes with lots of debugging tools already built in.

Cool. I was just trying to be technically polite.

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