Best game for Android

Please tell me best game for android

Welcome to the forums, @Neha_Singh.

There’s no such thing as the “best” game; only the one which you think is the best because you find it the most enjoyable, or the most challenging, or the most visually-appealling…

So why don’t you start the discussion by mentioning which one you would consider the best, and explain why you’ve chosen it? Otherwise, this could quickly turn into a boring list of titles.

To all participants: Please give reasons for your choice. (And there is no need to link to the game; its title will suffice.)


maybe i’m old-fashioned but my favorite is still candy crush, I can play it for hours and I like the fact that it is simple yet requires strategy.

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I’m even more old-fashioned, the only game I play is on my pc and it’s Minesweeper.

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I like unblock ball… hate it when i cant figure out the simplest of moves… but love it even more for the challenges… sometimes thats the best thing that happens to me in a day

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I have three games in my mobile right now: 1. Panda Pop 2. Candy Crush Soda 3. Plants vs. Zombies :smiley:

I like playing for android game. I very like football game.

  1. Shadow Fight 2
  2. Cut the Rope 2
  3. Defense Zone 2 HD
  4. Castle Defense
  5. Dragon Heroes: Shooter RPG

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