Best Email Marketing Software

I’m in the process to move from aweber to my own hosted email marketing software.
Can anyone reccomend me a good email marketing software?

I’m about to choose: SendStudio from Interspire (Australia) as I heard they offer top customer support but also I consider: [URL=“”]oemPro from Octeth (Turkey), oemPro looks good but didn’t believe that the turks are the best on email marketing… compared with australians.

Are there other best email marketing software on the market too choose?
Please reply and let me know, I have one week to decide which software to buy and move out from aweber.

Thank you!

AJ Email Marketer is the best email marketing software.

It might be worth making sure your host will accomodate the amount of email you plan to send out.

I think Interspire makes some great products and their support is first rate in my book - but 12all is another program you may want to consider.


I think e-Campaign inexpensive but powerful email marketing software. This email marketing software allows you to schedule a time to send your email blast and you can send it via an SMTP server, or bypass the server and send it directly from your computer. E-Campaign will automatically resend your bounced back emails immediately, or at a scheduled time.:wink: