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Hi Guys,
I am owner of a game. I want to make website of my game. can i buy domain with same name of my game ? It will fine or not?
SEO of this game will good or not?



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The content of your site is far more important than the domain name when it comes to SEO. If you can get a matching domain name - that’s great. It might be less confusing for human visitors, which is who you should be thinking of when building your site. But if you can’t get one, then don’t waste time worrying about it and just concentrate on the quality of the content.



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If you are taking same domain name of your game, it might be best to understand but if you didn’t get that you can take any synonym of your game or any name related to game.
SEO of your website will be depend on your content. Better you should focus on your content most.

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The domain name of your game will work well for your position. You should be careful when buying a domain. Domain must be checked in all respects before purchasing. You can buy a domain that Google doesn’t like. You can’t do anything with such a site or it will take a lot of time.



Checked where and how, for what?

Can you provide an authoritative (i.e. Google) source to back that up? Google publishes comprehensive guidelines for webmasters, and nowhere can I find any advice regarding choosing domain names. That strongly suggests that the choice of domain name does not matter to Google - which would make sense, given that the content is the important part of the site.



You will not find openly information about domains. I don’t know of such services. I try not to buy old domains. I choose a new one. It’s the best way to protect yourself.



I don’t want to come off the wrong way, but that’s bordering on paranoia. If you don’t have data/facts to back up claims then it’s generally a good idea to preface what you say with phrasing like “I think that…” or “probably”

That said, it’s probably best to go with the name of the game as your domain name if you can for the reason TechnoBear stated. The worst case I could think of is that your game becomes popular and someone takes your domain name and steals your traffic or worse



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Sorry for such a late post. :slight_smile:

Others already emphasized the most important factor for SEO, the content. I would like to add that the domain name can also be a factor for high ranking in search results.

The best name IMHO is what comes closest to the search term people tend to use trying to find a game like yours.

As they don’t know your game, obviously, you could try asking people who like your game what they would use to find more games they like.

Last, don’t neglect the wording of the landing page title, name and/or describe/characterize your game in a short title sentence.

I’m not in SEO at all, but I’ve thought about the search reports I get for the few sites I administer.



To add to this, think about if you’re going to make more than one game.
If so, it may be better to get a domain under your company name and feature your games.
If you have one game and you know there’s only going to be one, yeah, buy the name and you’re good to go.



As other said about domain name and SEO for the website of your game is really appreciable.
If you are taking name of website domain similar to your Game name, then definitely it will more beneficial. People can easily recognize the game website.


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