Best domain seller when I'll be using a cloud server?

I’ll use cloud service for hosting and need to purchase domain (cloud service doesn’t sell domains). Also want domain privacy for WHOIS listing. But sellers like Network Solutions only offer privacy for your address, not your name. And Godaddy seems like a nightmare - don’t want to go there. Any other reputable and stable options of where to purchase domains – not some place that will shut down in a minute? Seems like a small issue, but want to avoid problems.

never had problems with godaddy… more over they give you first year free if you buy more than 5 domains…

These big name companies are always bad bets since you are just a number with them. I recommend staying away from the usual big name suspects.,

ENOM is quite popular and you can find lots of positive reviews about it in most of the websites… Otherwise godaddy is also best.