Best designs for static informational content sites?

I’m interested if anyone has any really good examples of static content site designs?

Working on a new site and I’m looking for some inspiration. These days it seems to hard to find good examples of what would be informational, static content sites, many seem old and dated so I’d be really interested in any good examples anyone has seen.

Imagine a site that has information on a specific topic, be it guides, advice, reviews ect that are all static pages. The articles themselves are the main content. The site will essentially be static so the blog style isn’t suitable.

I’m interested in any design inspiration that might help create a site like this.

Have you considered that there’s a reason the only examples you can find seem old and dated? :wink:

In general, your design will depend somewhat on your content. Is this a single page site? does it have a lot of nuance that needs separation, or can it be one unified structure? What’s your general content… theme… topic…niche…

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The design should not really care whether the site is static or dynamic.

The nature of the content will dictate what is the best way of presenting that content. So it is difficult to give specific advice with knowing the specifics of the content. Things like what kind of content, how much of it, is it or can it be categorised?

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