Best Commenting System for Blog Commenting?

Best Commenting System for Blog Commenting?

What do you think is the best for you and why?

I am doing blog commenting right now and just trying out new things.


What comment system does your blog have now?
What do you like about it?
What do you dislike about it?

I have no problem using the default WordPress comment system, but there are several plugins if you want something different.
Why is it best for me? I don’t know how visitors find using it, but from a moderation point of view it is good at letting me keep the SPAM comments out.

Hi I have wordpress blog integrated on my website and it has inbuilt commenting system. It works fine. I think every blog platform has its unique commenting system. in addition you can have a captcha tool for more security and avoiding auto generated or spam comments.

For me its Disqus. It supports every popular blogging platforms such as Blogger and WordPress.The main features of the Disqus commenting system for WordPress blogs is that, they’re SEO friendly and also provides customization options.

I think Disqus is Best for Bloggers and its also latest most trending commenting system among users and commenters. So for me also its DISQUS.

I’m confused by the question. Are you talking about the best system to have on a blog, or the best system for posting comments on blogs, because if it’s the latter then that’s spam, and it’s not something we want to promote on this forum.

Hi, i think wordpress plugin is best for moderation in my point of view. Disques is also good and famous and supported by all blogs.

Sorry for the confusion, but what I am actually asking is that what is the best commenting system for blog commenting.
I am doing blog commenting for offpage strategies and been experimenting with commenting systems like blogger and disqus. There are also like commentluv and intensedebate, but I want to know which ones are the best? Because Disqus seems to approve most of my blog comments unlike the others?

If you are commenting on blogs as a method of marketing, you are spamming. In essence, you are asking which blog system is easiest to exploit. It sounds like the comments you’ve posted before haven’t worked on other blog systems because they have been flagged as spam.

its better to search for a relevant blog on the niche and instead of spamming just add your views,opinions for any changes or by suggesting your views