Best Coding Method?

I’m not quite sure where this question would fit, so I suppose this forum makes sense.

Basically, I’m looking to make a site that has 2 functions: 1) Post news, links, videos, etc and 2) have a community based forum. I want the user to be able to login on the home page and he/she will continue to stay logged on with the same account through all pages, including the forum where they could post.

I’m not sure what languages I should do this in. Should I just simply do html / php / mysql (and css obv), where I would create a database with user logins and they could post on news posting, the forums, or wherever?

IN a sense, I would like a similar layout to this site, where you could view news on the front page and comment, etc, or just post on forums.

The other option I was thinking is a wordpress page, but I don’t know how good of a forum you could implement (I will eventually be putting in decent forum software like invision, etc)



If you are considering WordPress then you should take a look at the bbPress plugin - - which provides a forum within WordPress.

Thanks for the reply. I would like to incorporate a forum software like invision board, or something along those lines, but I’m not sure if that’s doable with wordpress. If I simply code it with html / mysql / php, create my own database for users and implement the forum software, should I be able to get the result I’m looking for? It seems that it will work, but just to be sure. Again, I’m looking to post news, etc on the homepage that would be updated via a database and I would also like to have a database of videos I put up (with a community forum). It seems html / php / mysql combo could handle this, but I’m not sure if it is the best way (Although Wordpress is good, I can’t find a forum addon that suites what I’m looking for)


WordPress is HTML, PHP and MySQL (and CSS and javascript) as are a good majority of other alternatives.

Sure, you could get everything you want by writing it yourself, but it would be a monumental task.

IMHO it would be best to find something as close to what you want and add to it and tweak it.

Ah, so I could use Wordpress, get everything I need out of it, and will save myself tons of time that would have been spent on creating databases, etc? (I don’t know much about Wordpress, but I could learn) I guess I’ll give that a try, and play around with a forum addon as I go.

If you are using InvisionBoard plus any extensions you need (which i would recommend, IPB is a great solution), then this shouldn’t be an issue as it has blogs and articles etc built in and loads of extensions for content publishing. Logins will reflect around the site and so on.

From experience I would recommend that route as opposed to bbpress; it’s much cleaner with IPB; but of course it costs money.