Best CMS for multiple blogs?

I have been considering Wordpress for blogging. However, I have heard b2evolution is good for mutiple blogs. Basically, I want to have a personal blog, business blog, and professional blog, as well as e-commerce capable, and social networking capable. I had a web host recommend Wordpress for all of these, but I didn’t mention I want to have multiple blogs. Any suggestions? TIA.

So, I wouldn’t need the MU version of WordPress if I want multiple blogs and not within the Wordpress 2.0 -2.9 range? However, I have read that you could have accounts that have blogs in your memberships, if you so desire. I think of that kind of akin to Myspace, or Twitter. I did notice Wordpress also seems faster compared to Joomla when I installed it. I don’t know how they do it (I’m still in the learning phases of PHP, myself).
I’m thinking of in the future creating a social networking aspect to my website for people to discuss about growth on the web. Don’t worry, I’m not into bringing sites like these down. I want it to be an add-on to communities like these for what I do and have a passion for. For this, I would need at least three blog sections: one for personal, one for business, and one for professional blogging.
Everyone who posts has been very helpful and of course I appreciate all these suggestions! I tend to plan how my website will be constructed and I think that’s the best way to do it, without walking into deep sand in the future. For all I know, it may go in a different direction then I intended, which is the way most projects end up to be!

using wordpress would be a good option…it offers good and easy navigation

WordPress 3 does allow multi-blogs. (For Wordpress 2, you can use WordPress MU.). Another old project with multiblogs is Lifetype ( It is even older than WordPress MU. But the development is too slow and it is not easy to manage.

There are lots to choose from but given that you want to do many things in addition to just blogging I think I would lean away from WordPress and towards some of the other CMS options.

Depending upon what you are comfortable with I like Drupal and Joomla very much for a PHP-based CMS and on the .NET side Umbraco or DotNetNuke are among the top options.

Hope that helps.

Thank you very much for that suggestion. I don’t want to make it confusing for the visitor to my blog site. I am curious. What did you mean by “a label for the personal part”? Do you imply for me to have a name for the personal blog? Also, are you suggesting I combine the business / professional blog into one? As far as the personal blog, how would I make the personal label stand out so that they know it is a person, not a medium business, or corporate entity? Thanks for your time and suggestions.

I suggest you to make only one blog, the professional/business one and to have a label for the personal part. In this way people will see what you want to show, to inform and with the personal label they’ll see that you’re a human being, like everyone else. This will make them come back and read more, professionaly and personally speaking.