Best CMS for a gaming website?

I decided to ask some more experienced CMS users for help, as I’ve done research but not come up with a lot of definite results so far. Basically I will be building a website that’ll focus on 2 things: Updating with news for video games, and creating pages for like walkthroughs, guides, info on different parts of games etc. If needed I can supply more info. Does anyone have any suggestions for the best CMS for that?

I believe Wordpress can help you with that. You need to set up custom post format for walkthroughs and videos, and guides. If you wanted different layouts, you can use different templates per page / format.

It’s really simple, if you have a layout in mind and some ideas how things work. That will make your designer / developers job easier :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply! I had considered WordPress, but I don’t like the way it is set up; it’s built more like a blog than anything else. What I wanted was something that makes it more like a website instead of a blog, and I’m not sure if I have the programming skills to redesign WordPress too much.

WordPress kicks ass!

I use WP for everything, from a corporate website, to a school or a blog site. It’s by no means restrictive. might be a little bloggish, but if you’re using independent version then you should not have an issue. If you want to do it the easy way, I’d download a ready-made theme and gradually work on the content and pages, it should be easy enough.

Don’t underestimate Wordpress! It’s gone a long long way since the early days. It’s now the most used content management system in the world.

Hope this helps.

You have to customize the theme, download a free theme and customize it. I’ve build a social networking site from Wordpress, corporate site and eCommerce all on Wordpress. I don’t even think there’s a limit for it :slight_smile:

I agree, use WordPress :smiley: You can create any kind of content on there and also, if you have the skills, create other features than just blog postings. I’ve seen some WP sites have game guide areas and review sections too.