Best choice for a Fluid % CSS Grid System

Hi guys,

Just wanted to know which Fluid “pourcentage” CSS Grid System you would recommend to start integrating a project, I d’like to avoid using huge frameworks like Bootstrap or Foundation and start my project with only a normalize & grid css file.

Thanks for your advices :wink:

PS> If Flexbox grid system is a viable solution with modern browsers now, I take it too :wink:

For a small system you may as well write your own. After all how long does it take to set up a grid in css to fit the current design.

Frameworks are useful on large projects but I rarely see a use for them on small projects.

I used bootstrap on a large project recently and it worked very well but I rarely used their grid classes at all as they never seemed to match the design I was working with. However, all the scripts and effects that came with it were very useful (drop,downs, hide and show, tabs, standard controls, icons etc).

Flexbox will be very useful but I still think its too early to take it on today unless you are providing fall-backs and indeed I would only use flexbox on certain elements and parts of the design and not for the whole design.

I did some research for this very thing lately, simple and lightweight, but I didn’t want to reinvent the wheel if possible. And I knew that developers who are more active than I might have some code in their setup that would be more current than mine. I found this: I bought the developers a ‘cup of coffee’ as they asked so I could use the code how I wished.

It includes a couple things, done simply, that I would still be working out - a lightweight, continuously looping, responsive slider and collapsing menu. Thank you, ProWebDesign!