Best ASP.NET Dating & Social Networking Software/Scripts?

After a long period of intermittent thinking, reading, posting, planning, and so forth, I have become convinced that ASP.NET may be the best way to go for a dating and social networking site, and (brace yourselves) not Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP. Therefore:

What is the best such ASP.NET software out there?

This one looks like it may be the best I’ve found so far:

This one appears to show some potential, too, although may be much more limited in terms of standard features:

Does anyone have experience with any of the two above? What have I missed? Anything just as good or better out there (in ASP.NET)?

[B]Nick you are right? PHP scripts one of the best web applications and its getting more used and developing all over.As nick said ,may be you have not found any descent script in php.

Just refer

You can find lot of php scripts softwares which are very user friendly and really affordable. you can try out with their demo version also.
Iscripts socialware and iscripts cybermatch are some of their social networking software and online dating scripts.

I think after visiting this you will change your mind


why do you think that is better than php? according to the statistics, millions of developers worldwide chosen php for their solutions and web-applications. maybe that’s because you haven’t found any decent script written in php? if so, I’ll suggest you to take a look at webdate and chameleon (

I have checked out both of the dating software sites mentioned and wound up buying from evercurrent. They have an extremely reliable script and their customer service level is even beyond excellent. They work with you every step of the way and are not opposed to adding newer features for very reasonable costs. I highly recommend them. Thanks for the advice about these two sites! :slight_smile: