Benefits Of URL Rewrite In This Instance

Before I go through what I know is going to be, easy for some, not so easy for me.

I am wondering what SEO benefits I am going to gain from rewriting multiple URLS that have one Paramater ID to nice urls.

ID=1 —> /best-seo-practices.html
ID=2 → /marketing-for-beginners.html
ID=3 → /ten-seo-tips.html

current URL structure is /articles/article.html?ID=1

It’s going to take me a while to figure out, RewriteMap, editing httpd.conf, creating a Perl script to lookup the new URL name e.t.c

Is it worth it, will I gain a whole lot more with the pretty URLS?


I would be very interested in seeing the Perl approach to pretty URLs

As fas as the SEO benefits of pretty URLs that topic has already been discussed many times.
i.e. a good place to start is All You Need To Know About SEO

The PERL Approach is used instead of using a mapping text file, you query the database to get the mappings. This saves having to add a reference in a text file with every new ID. That’s what it said

The URL you post mentions nothing about what I said above. I know static URLS are better than Dynamic but what I was looking for was a definitive answer like, it’s not going to make that much difference or it will make a huge difference.

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