Before I keep reading is MySQL going to help me with my project?

I’ve been reading through Kevin Yank’s book on Building A Database Driven Website and so far it’s got lots of information involving helping me figure out MySQL and grasp a better understanding of PHP.

However before I continue reading through I thought I’d ask the forumers here (seeing as it’s always advertised in Sitepoint books to check out their glorious forums) if a MySQL driven website is indeed what I am trying to do here.

I’m wanting to build a website similiar to Anime News Network where they have an encyclopedic database of all the anime titles. Is this indeed a Database driven website? (excuse my ignorance) My website isn’t going to be an anime website but more of a classic game review website. I’m going to want users to select a letter in the alphabet and have a list of all the games in that letter… with different boldness of the text depending on the popularity of the title (similar again, to Anime News Network).

As great as Kevin Yanks book has been thus far, he seems to be stressing the idea of creating your own CMS… Although that is interesting, I’m more interested in creating a huge reference style website with tons of games in the “Database”…with titles being added all the time.

So should I still keep reading through and take in all of the knowledge or is there a better use of my time? I’m one of those types that keeps self doubting myself so it would be great to hear some feedback from you guys. :slight_smile:

yes, you want your web site to be database driven

and yes, mysql is an emminently practical choice for your database system (as opposed to microsoft sql server, ibm db2, oracle, etc.)

Great, thanks for the feedback. I’ll keep learning :cool: