"?" before a url

What does the “?” mean after the url?


I think it has something to do with security.

What program is it associated with?

I know it exists in the GET Method for transferring data between websites:

http://www.site.com?data1=123&data2=234&data3=345 etc

Query String

Can CGI scripts be used to secure your website?

No…what are you talking about?

Sorry my bad.

I know I should not change topics in the middle but since I have you here.

Is it possible to insert a textbox to my website that is capable of handling over 255 characters, have fonts, underline, and bold.

Also configure it for editing and html insertion.

How could I do all of this for free?

Are you on about the sort of text fields on this website, which you use to enter your replies? If so then obviously yes! Plus if your planning on using it like a forum just a bog standard text field will let users insert html, but you want to make sure that you dont allow people to post scripts. i wont go into the matter, but a good resource is http://www.homeandlearn.co.uk/php/php9p3.html for how to do this. As for buttons to change sizes and fonts as a UI rather than them having to code it is not something i have looked into, i might be able to help you with that for the whole text field, but not selections of it! I apologise if i have been useless!