Become rich

How to become rich from a programme designer in cyber. I want to deploy something like games or maybe social networking. What is the richest job like what Bill Gates and Zuckenberg did. Can an online games inventor becomes rich also?

Gud luck,Be an optimist you can do it.(hard work + Confidence)

thanks btw

If you have an awesome idea, the skills, enough passion, and the will to do so you can also become rich :slight_smile: But it starts with a good idea - and sorry - I can’t help you there.

Think differently and work on your ideas

‘Don’t be afraid of failures and never giving up’ is really a cheesy line but it’s true

One of my college friends co-founded a computer-related company and went on to become a multimillionaire.

I can remember hearing him comment about the summer job he had, programming the computers for a printing company. “They pay me too much!” He said that repeatedly.

After graduation, he worked in various corporate jobs. During the 1990s Internet boom, he and three friends left to start their own business.

The guys created technology for running routers, and the company’s work came to the attention of Cisco Systems. Big buyout for eight figures followed and my friend and his three friends were set for life.

My friend’s comment on what had happened with his little startup? “I got lucky!”

Nice story :slight_smile:
One more success story

Hi fred123,

Yes I heard a lot of gaming sites who had earned millions.
Try to visit, and etc…

Yes idea is very important.
Actually there are many ways to get rich aside from programming.
How about investing in the stock market?, while you enjoy being a prorammer.

Also try reading startup books.
How about find a partner (investor) to your game plan.


It’s hardware related, Your friend is an electronic engineer?

My friend has a liberal arts degree. He majored in computer science.