Become a photographer?

Hi Dear,
I would like to become a nice photographer. To become a photographer first I need photography related basic knowledge. But I have no any basic knowledge about this. Now I do not know how I will start? Will you give me some basic suggestion about this.

Get a camera, press the button, strike oil … or something like that. There are courses you could do, or books you could read, or articles you could read online.

Get a camera and go out and shoot! The best way to learn is by doing.

And remember, rules are made to be broken. :slight_smile:

Yes, surely you ll need a professional camera to start photography, and as you spend time in this you ll learn automatically but i ll advice you to find out some one professional around you and learn from him basics rest experience will teach you.

Why so? Click here. :slight_smile:

Attending training and getting a professional camera are things you should do… eventually.

However, I agree. Just grab a camera (preferably something better than a cellphone camera, but even that would work) and start taking pictures. You can learn a lot just by doing. Take pictures and look at them. Do you think they are good? Do you think they are bad? What is good about them? What is bad about them?

By doing that you’ll start to develop a sense for stuff like composition and lighting.

And, just to note, while rules are meant to be broken, it’s also important to know the rules. Breaking them by accident doesn’t count. =p

The best way to learn Photography is to click more photos and learn from your own photos. Try to understand what could have enhanced your photos. How could you learn creativity out of photos. But anyway you need a certificate to join in most of the companies as a photographer. Learn about Lighting lot. Develop your skill. create a profile of your photos. All the best mate.

Here are some nice essentials/basics about photography.

Get a camera with the basic functions to play with: aperture, shuttertime, iso. And it’s handy to have a camera where you can change lenses.
I prefer fixed lenses, than you have to look and frame better. :slight_smile:

The experience is more important then reading the books. So, you should get a camera immediately and
try to snapping.
Along with that, read the papers written by photographers.
Consistency is essential.

And of course, go to photo exhibitions, watch photos on the net.
See if you like a specific subjects or themes you like, and then go outside to shoot these things aswel in your own way.

I suggest that you enjoy first what you are doing. Take as much pictures as you want. Practice, practice, and practice. Good luck.

I can advise you to take special photography courses. Also, at the begging of your study you need a couch, that person who can tell you about theoretical material and help you on the practice. I think, it’s the most difficult part, because here you can show your talent and an ability to make some nice pictures. So, be yourself and confident.

The best way to understand Digital cameras is to click more images and understand from your own images. Try to understand what could have improved your images. How could you understand creativeness out of images. But anyway you need a document to be a part of in most of the companies as a photographer. Find out about Lighting style lot. Develop your skill. create a information of your images. All the best friend.

It would be best if you can read some books about photography and try to explore your camera. There are basic instructions that you can find like the one on dslr’s. That’s where I get some points whenever I start taking pictures. :slight_smile:

practice and practice. After in some situations you will not be able to take a picture you want. you will start to seek for the knowledge. After a while you will master most of the tricks I’m sure! Before maybe read few basic guides and good luck!

Hey i have a nikon d5100 and i am a complete beginner at photagraphy, but i am loving it.! The only way i am learning so far is by practising and reading tips :)!

Hey . you become a nice photographer. this is very good mater. but sorry I have no good knowledge about photographer. but I have one link about photographer. I think this link is very useful for you… All the best!

@TheRaptor ; that link that you provided was a great help,i have to admit in recent years with some extra disposable income i have been looking at photography but going down the route of thinking that expensive equipment would provide me with the best images going but after reading that indepth articale that would appear that is not the case.Infact its saved me alot of money its nice to tell your friends that you have a super duper make of camera but thats all it does.

May go out to a local store tomorrow to see if they have some special bargains to get me started,will update you on how i get on and what model i choose,i have to admit i am tempted with a Fuji HS20 the main reason being that they have bought out a new version and the price of the older version has halved.

Apart from the camera would any tripod do or what would i need to look for ???


Well said. buy yourself a camera not necessarily an expensive one and starting clicking whatever you like.

A good tripod is important. Personally I have a Gitzo but those can be pricey so you may want to look at other options. What you don’t want though is a $20 dollar plastic tripod from WalMart.