Beautiful calendar

is this custom coded and custom maintained by programmers?
or some kind of framework/app that can be packaged and implemented elsewhere?

Looks custom, an ispect element/and looking at the resources tab in chrome didn’t show a very recongnizable pluging. A search for “beautiful-calendar plugins” did not bring anything like this up off the bat.


surprising, dont you think?
to see programmers maintaining calendars these days
very nice tho and worth the effort i think

Most likely it’s a CMS add-on that gets processed before the page gets to the browser. So the client would enter info into a system that outputs it as you see.

Yea probably custom built.

any way of figuring out the CMS?

I don’t understand. The cms is custom?

Or if you are using a CMS, install a calendar plugin and then customize it :slight_smile:

Escocia a CMS would be something like wp, drupal or joomla. along those lines.
To figure out the calendar you can go to google dev tool and start looking at the scripts that are called in and how the css/html link up.
Then you’d have to un-minimize a couple of the scripts, and start working.