Bat File Help Needed - Hide Dos Window?


All right I have written a simple script:

@echo off
cd C:\\Program Files\\Messenger Plus! 2
Start MsgPlus.exe
cd C:\\Program Files\\MSN Messenger
Start /w msnmsgr.exe
process -q MsgPlus.exe

Now the thing is this opens a ms dos box. I’m wondering if there is a easy way to hide the ms dos window.

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Make a shortcut to your bat-file and set the “Run” property to “Minimized”. :slight_smile:



I just did a quick search, found a utility here (scroll down to ConsoleTool)


/HIDE hides the console window of course.
/SHOW shows the previously hidden console window.
/NOMENU removes the system menu from the console window.

After using one of these parameters your batch files keep running. Make sure to test them properly before using the /HIDE switch.

Use this commandline utility from within batch or CMD files if you want users not to interfer with or close certain console windows.

Quite handy for securing Windows NT and Terminal Server login-scripts.

ConsoleTool is Freeware and provided as is. Use at your own risk !!
You may freely redistribute ConsoleTool free of charge.

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We had this issue at work. Users would close their login script boxes which were bat files set to map each user to their shared network drives. Then they would complain that they couldn’t get to their shared drives and I’d have to tell them it was because they closed their login script too quick. It only took me a week and a half before I went looking for a solution. I’ll have to look Monday when I get back to work but there’s a little library that you put on (in our case the login server) but wherever you’re running the batch file and you call the command through the library and you can have it run invisibly.


Been doing that. :wink: But really want it to be hidden completely. :slight_smile:

Sounds cool. That would be great if you could post more info about it next week.

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This will work some what. Ok thanks man it hides the dos box. :slight_smile:

Problem is that it cant be used with appz which sucks. That what I realy need but this does work some what so thanks a lot.