Basic problem with scoping?

Hey guys, I’m new with JS and I’m trying to fiddle a little with Google Maps. I found a few tutorials and [URL=“”]source codes, so I’m copy-pasting and trying to adapt it to my needs:

Here’s what I need to do:

  1. Load the map at a location
  2. Load some markers from a file (I’m using JSON atm but I think I’ll run into some problems later on)
  3. Place the markers in the map
  4. Put some checkboxes to toggle a group of markers.

Now, I was able to do it without step number 2 (source), but I can’t load them from a file. If you see the source code in the next link (not the previous one), the features array is empty (check the console.log), maybe it’s due to variable scoping? What can I do to avoid it? Here’s the source:

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

PS: regarding the JSON problem, I have to put some HTML code in the files (like on line 87 in main.js), should I just put everything in one line, or should I use another format instead of JSON? If so, which one do you recommend?

Well, it seems it was because the JSON is loaded asynchronously, so the rest of the code was executed before that and it caused problems. I was able to resolve it like so:

    type: 'GET',
    url: 'js/marcadores.json',
    dataType: 'json',
    success: function(marcadores) {
      for (var i=0; i<marcadores.length; i++) {
    cache: false, // for testing purposes
    async: false